Wednesday, 3 June 2015

The Beauty Of Pahawang Island, Lampung.

Wednesday, 3 June 2015
"Just don't judge a book by its cover" maybe that's the right words to express what I felt that day when I was arrived safely in Lampung on 10th October 2014, and I know this is my late publish trip but I promise you this trip was worth for shared.

As an Indonesian, I never thinking to go to Sumatra Island for a trip and I don't know why. But not until a friend of mine asked me to join the backpacker trip to Pahawang Island with Libur Seru that arranged by Om Teddy Andika. Despite I am not fully recovered from 7 hours jetlag, quickly I said yes and I don't know why (again)!

The day was came, it's time for us to go to Pahawang Island. As the itinerary said, on Friday night we had to gathered around in Slipi Jaya Mall Jakarta to meet up with another people that join the same trip at 7pm. After a short chitchat, we had to catch up a bus that will took us to Merak Harbour for 2 hours.

After a long ride, we were arrived in Merak Harbor but still have to wait for an hours to waiting the ship depature. At exactly 12am, we finally started crossed the Java Island and heading to Bakauheni Harbor - Lampung for 3 hours long. All I can do is resting my body with my bag became my pillow.

Day One

"Tuuuut... Tuuuuut"

The ship's whistle woke me and my friends at 3 am, and here we're in Bakauheni Harbor, Lampung!!! Excited? Not yet, because I have to save my energy for another 3 hours land trip with public transport and finally arrived in small village where our boats was waiting to took us to Pahawang Island.

And here we are in little harbor at Klara Beach at 6am. After breakfast, we're heading to Pahawang Island!! Excited? of course I am, this is HEAVEEEN.

So lucky that our trip in Pahawang Island will be guided by Bapak Kembar, who has million smile, hundred stories to be shared and Lestari that will always be his favorite boat.

"OH MY GOD" that's the word I kept saying for many times when I saw this hidden beauty in Pahawang. Did I forgot to mention where's exactly Pahawang Island is? Pahawang Island is located in Punduh Pidada sub-district, Pesawaran Regency - South Lampung, Indonesia.

Instead of went to homestay first, my friends and I choose to straightly snorkeling because we can't stand to see those clear blue sea that called us since the first time we took a boat cruising the island.
You won't see our 6 hours tired face, because we were too happy to be here in Pahawang Island.

Sunset never been this beautiful 

Day Two

We are still going and not felt tired or whatsoever yet! But forgive me, because I couldn't tell you what's the island name that we are heading to, but I did remember Bapak Kembar took us to 3 spots for hopping islands in day two, after we did 2 hopping island on a day before.

Well, lets took a group selfie first..

They called us "Genk Kuah Sayur" Because we always eat vegies rather than rice  during the trip :P

Many people asked me where this photo was taken, but forgive me (again) I couldn't remember it because I was too excited to do a free dive in this deep blue sea. All I can suggest you is just enjoy things without any distraction, without any phone and without any single post updated in social media! Life just once, so make sure you didn't miss it :)

This beautiful free diving was taken by Raffli through his Gopro

You couldn't said you went to a trip without little accident right? After Raffli took that awesome free diving photos. He was ended up got nose bleeding and those accident was made us scary as hell. After Raffli got rest in our boats, one of our friends asked him what happened, then he told us that he got bad flu over the night and forgot to told us he didn't allowed to take a deep dive.. Oh poor Raffli :(.

So please for those who got bad cough or flu or sickness, do remember this:
Please do not swim too long and don't take deep free diving! Don't risk yourself just because you want to feel the adventure! Healthy and safety come first and the rest can wait.

Raffli and me took selfie to another level in private island Pahawang, Lampung.

Day Three

After all adventures and little accident, we took our last meal in homestay before went back to Jakarta. Before leaving, this is what I suggest you to do: make sure you buy their big - tasty banana snacks that we used to called "Molen". You should tasted their homemade molen that made from Lampung Bananas *Lampung well know for their tasty and delish bananas* and please do buy it more than one, you won't regret it anyway! TRUST ME ON THIS .

So, good bye may not be the best words that could pictured how I felt for 2 days in Pahawang. I refused to said good bye because I knew, I will go back again to this island for sure.

Bapak Kembar took us back to the little harbor in Klara Beach and we begin again the 5 hours  journey back to Jakarta through Bakauheni Harbour. Too tired to sleep in economy class in the ship, we took the VIP class on 2nd floor in the ship and you need extra money for this, because you should pay Rp. 25.000 (USD $2.5).

After arrived in Merak harbour, we took a bus ride to home. Because I lived in central Jakarta, I took Semanggi route with Executive AC bus and it cost about Rp. 50.000 (USD $5). 2D1N trip with liburan seru (the organizer) will cost you about Rp. 500.000 (USD $50).

I have to admit that Lampung had those magical island called Pahawang, you won't regret every single thing that you did there. The hospitality and the kindness of Pahawang's people is really stole my heart. Curious enough to feel the experinces like I did? Feel free to contact:

Facebook: Liburan Seru open trip - Teddy Andika
Instagram: Liburan Seru

See you soon for another trip stories around Indonesia :)

Warmest Regards,

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