Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Magsukul Derawan, East Kalimantan (Part 3 - end)

Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Good Morning Derawan

It’s been two days of fun spending some quality time with a bunch of new friends, but I told you the day isn’t over yet in Derawan, we still have 13 hours before leaving this paradise, that’s why we woke up so early to catch up with the beautiful sunrise in Derawan.

Sunrise hunter at Derawan Beach

Beach talking during the sunrise

Heading back after sunrise

There’s always be a small thing I will remember about the trip, this time was skin bruises and bad sun burning in my back. Too bad until I can’t stayed too long under the sun (Oh well, thanks! Am I Dracula right now?) and it caused me skipped the last beach exploring to Gusung Beach.

Cheers to that bruises

But thanks God, I still have friends that also couldn’t join the very last trip in Derawan, you’re trapped with me dude! So, what we did until the rest came back to Gusung Beach?


The multi talent Adit, for our fish chef that day

Fresh fish, straight from the sea

The “Trapped” Team

PsSorry I couldn't showed what we’ve cooked that day, because we’re too hungry and too tired took pictures. But I can told you that we cooked super delish Gurame Fish Soup, Sambel Matah Bali, and drink some lime ice water.


While we’re prepared the foods and drinks, my friends tested his guts to paddling the traditional canoe which got helped with the kids around the village. And as predicted, he failed many times and splashed into the sea (no kidding) and that was the stupid yet funny ideas tho..

Epic failed!! Oh Aksenta :'D


At exactly 1pm, we left Derawan to go back to Tanjung Batu Dock and continue heading to Juwata International Airport. But before heading back to Airport, we visited Tarakan souvenirs shop “Borneo Indah Gift Shop”.

Souvenirs Shop

If I can sum up how I felt during the trip in one line it was MINDBLOWING. And thanks to God I still have time to visit and admire one of your greatest creations, thanks for letting to have a bunch of new friends during the trip and thanks for that sunny weather tho. I’ll back again for sure to this paradise.

Leaving Tarakan and back to Jakarta

Magsukul Derawan, East Kalimantan-Indonesia...

Warmest Regards,

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