Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Magsukul Derawan, East Kalimantan (Part 2)

Wednesday, 17 June 2015


After restore our energy from almost 6 hours air and sea trip, now we are ready to jump into those clear blue and green water in Derawan - Kakaban - Maratua - Sangalaki Island!

At 8am we were arrived in our first island stop, Maratua. Maratua island is the outer islands of Indonesia that located in Sulawesi sea and bordered with Malaysia and Philippines, Maratua also known as the large tropical island and to get here, you will need about 45 minutes - 1 hours by speed boat. Straightly after arrived, Bapak Rai (our speed boat driver) pulled over the speed boat on Maratua Paradise Resort dock.

Before explored Maratua, I spent a little time to have a nice conversation with Bapak Rai. At first, bapak Rai was too shy to shared his stories, but after awhile he became a talkative person who willing to share his stories.

Before took a job as a speed boat driver, Bapak Rai is a fisherman in Derawan. He said to me that, it's hard being a fisherman in this typical condition where everything's no longer cheap. That's why he accept a friend offering become a speed boat driver. Then I asked him what he felt about the job, here's his answer in Bajau accents:

"Saya suka sekali mengantar orang seperti ini, banyak teman pun jadinya. Rejeki saya juga bertambah dan setiap hari saya bisa keliling Derawan... Saya berterimakasih"

Bapak Rai, our speed boat driver.

The famous Maratua Paradise Resort


After took a hundred or maybe a gazillion selfie, now we are heading to the hidden lagoon near Maratua Paradise Resort. This hidden lagoon only took 15 minutes from Mratua Paradise Resort.
I found it unique, because this lagoon called “Kahidaeng” by Bajo’s people or Pulau Lubang Ikan in Indonesia.

Kahidaeng only able to visit when low tide, the reasons why is because the main entrance will filled up with water when high tide, so that you can’t come in. In fact, there is another main entrance which is 4 meters cliff that you need to climb in by (scary) bamboo stairs. How about me? I choose to bend down through the cave when came in and climb down the cliff when came out.

Don’t asked me, how is the view when you finally came out from the cave, it is BREATHTAKING!

Welcome to the hidden lagoon, Kahidaeng.


As the clouds went dark and the rain started pouring down, we are now heading to Kakaban Island. Kakaban Island is known for a home of the largest sting-less jellyfish lake, and as an Indonesian I am super proud of it.

But before swimming with the sting-less jellyfish, you still need to climb around 300 meter hill up and down by wooden stairs and it’s pretty safe. To ease the tired face, we choose to sing all the way up until we reach the edge of Kakaban Lake.

The main entrance to Kakaban Lake
Those clear water in Kakaban lake is filled with the famous sting-less jellyfish

Here I am, re diving accompanied with the  famous yet cutest underwater creature, sting-less jellyfish! And I am finally touched it.

There are several things you must know before having fun and dancing in the water with the cutest sting-less jellyfish:
1. You’re not allowed to use any sun block lotion, because the chemical reaction might kill the cute sting-less jellyfish
2. You’re also not allowed to use fin, jump from the bridge, and squish the jellyfish.

This easy rules should obey to prevent the sting-less jellyfish exists in Kakaban Island in many years ahead. So say hello to SUN BURNING :’)

Triangle Coral Spot

After meet the sting-less jellyfish, we went to the best diving spot in Triangle Coral not far from Kakaban lake because it only took 10 minutes to go. The triangle coral is well known for its best underwater view and its beautiful coral.

Free diving in triangle coral spot


Sangalaki island is the farthest island among other island (Derawan – Maratua – Kakaban) because you’ll need about 1 hour trip from Kakaban or 2 hours from Derawan. Nonetheless, Sangalaki also has a home for turtle breeding. Sangalaki also have a hostel that cost about Rp. 1.000.000/night.

Local people seems to have a rest time

Turtle breeding and my face getting burned! 

After more than 6 hours went to hoping island, it’s time to get rest, so the next morning we could get up earlier and enjoy the sunrise from this paradise before finally went to Jakarta.

To be continued.....

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