Sunday, 14 June 2015

Magsukul Derawan, East Kalimantan (Part 1)

Sunday, 14 June 2015

Back to a few years ago when I wrote my traveling resolutions and I choose Derawan as one of my top list traveling destinations. I laugh at myself thinking that this list way too far, I didn't think I can afford to save money and go there. But now, as I looked back and read again that resolutions, I laughed myself once again because I did make that dream came true this years, May 2015.

For this trip I still join "Libur Seru Open Trip" as my backpacker guide to Derawan Island, and for 3D2N Derawan Island trip will cost you:
- Travel package trip Rp. 4.850.000,00 *exclude two ways flight*
- Flight ticketing, I used Lion air morning direct flight (Jakarta - Tarakan - Jakarta) Rp. 1.716.000,00
*I Buy this at the very last time , my bad ;'( *

So here let me take you to the journey


People tend to say when you're about to experiencing something new , you will get the butterflies effect in the stomach and that's exactly what happened to me when my friends, Valdo pick me up at 3.30am in home to Soekarno - Hatta Airport.

After check in and get into the airplane, at exactly 5.30am we flew to East Kalimantan - Tarakan. This is 3 hours flight anyway, so that's why I choose direct flight *now you know why*. After 3 hours long, finally at 8.30am we were arrived in Juwata International Airport - Tarakan, thanks God.

Juwata InternationalAirport, Tarakan - East Kalimantan

But then, why we should stay in airport when we could strolling around in Tarakan while waiting another friends arrived with different flight? Lets go to Bekantan conservation and mangrove park in Gajah Mada street - Tarakan, East Kalimantan.

Bekantan conservation and mangrove park was easy to access, the only thing you should do is take a car transportation (angkot) that will cost you about Rp. 10.000 (Airport - Conservation - Airport), but to get that cheap cost you should go with 7 - 8 friends, the more the merrier right?

This is what it looks like inside the car transportation

After arrived at the conservation, straightly we got warm welcome booth from the conservation guard and staff. But before go into the conservation, you have to buy the ticket that cost you only Rp. 2000 (very cheap right?). So lets get in..

Hi sweet boy :D
Here we are in Bekantan conservation and magrove park

Phone is ringing, that's the reminder we have to go back to Juwata Airport and heading to Tanjung Batu dock immediately. Precisely at 1pm, we are heading to Derawan Island using speed boat for another 3 hours trip in open sea. Lucky us because we pack a lot of snacks on the way there, so none get starving.

Tanjung Batu dock, Tarakan - East Kalimantan.

Eat . Sleep. Laugh. Repeat


After 3 hours sea trip, finally we were arrived in Derawan Island. I didn't know how to explain the beauty of the island, this is truly the hidden jewel on earth and I am super blessing to have a chance went there. After took our meal, we are heading to our cottage "Sari Cottage". You can see our colorful cottage from the picture below.
Sari Cottage in Derawan Island (Taken with my Sony Experia Z3)

To be continued.......

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