Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Magsukul Derawan, East Kalimantan (Part 3 - end)

Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Good Morning Derawan

It’s been two days of fun spending some quality time with a bunch of new friends, but I told you the day isn’t over yet in Derawan, we still have 13 hours before leaving this paradise, that’s why we woke up so early to catch up with the beautiful sunrise in Derawan.

Sunrise hunter at Derawan Beach

Beach talking during the sunrise

Heading back after sunrise

There’s always be a small thing I will remember about the trip, this time was skin bruises and bad sun burning in my back. Too bad until I can’t stayed too long under the sun (Oh well, thanks! Am I Dracula right now?) and it caused me skipped the last beach exploring to Gusung Beach.

Cheers to that bruises

But thanks God, I still have friends that also couldn’t join the very last trip in Derawan, you’re trapped with me dude! So, what we did until the rest came back to Gusung Beach?


The multi talent Adit, for our fish chef that day

Fresh fish, straight from the sea

The “Trapped” Team

PsSorry I couldn't showed what we’ve cooked that day, because we’re too hungry and too tired took pictures. But I can told you that we cooked super delish Gurame Fish Soup, Sambel Matah Bali, and drink some lime ice water.


While we’re prepared the foods and drinks, my friends tested his guts to paddling the traditional canoe which got helped with the kids around the village. And as predicted, he failed many times and splashed into the sea (no kidding) and that was the stupid yet funny ideas tho..

Epic failed!! Oh Aksenta :'D


At exactly 1pm, we left Derawan to go back to Tanjung Batu Dock and continue heading to Juwata International Airport. But before heading back to Airport, we visited Tarakan souvenirs shop “Borneo Indah Gift Shop”.

Souvenirs Shop

If I can sum up how I felt during the trip in one line it was MINDBLOWING. And thanks to God I still have time to visit and admire one of your greatest creations, thanks for letting to have a bunch of new friends during the trip and thanks for that sunny weather tho. I’ll back again for sure to this paradise.

Leaving Tarakan and back to Jakarta

Magsukul Derawan, East Kalimantan-Indonesia...

Warmest Regards,

Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Magsukul Derawan, East Kalimantan (Part 2)

Wednesday, 17 June 2015


After restore our energy from almost 6 hours air and sea trip, now we are ready to jump into those clear blue and green water in Derawan - Kakaban - Maratua - Sangalaki Island!

At 8am we were arrived in our first island stop, Maratua. Maratua island is the outer islands of Indonesia that located in Sulawesi sea and bordered with Malaysia and Philippines, Maratua also known as the large tropical island and to get here, you will need about 45 minutes - 1 hours by speed boat. Straightly after arrived, Bapak Rai (our speed boat driver) pulled over the speed boat on Maratua Paradise Resort dock.

Before explored Maratua, I spent a little time to have a nice conversation with Bapak Rai. At first, bapak Rai was too shy to shared his stories, but after awhile he became a talkative person who willing to share his stories.

Before took a job as a speed boat driver, Bapak Rai is a fisherman in Derawan. He said to me that, it's hard being a fisherman in this typical condition where everything's no longer cheap. That's why he accept a friend offering become a speed boat driver. Then I asked him what he felt about the job, here's his answer in Bajau accents:

"Saya suka sekali mengantar orang seperti ini, banyak teman pun jadinya. Rejeki saya juga bertambah dan setiap hari saya bisa keliling Derawan... Saya berterimakasih"

Bapak Rai, our speed boat driver.

The famous Maratua Paradise Resort


After took a hundred or maybe a gazillion selfie, now we are heading to the hidden lagoon near Maratua Paradise Resort. This hidden lagoon only took 15 minutes from Mratua Paradise Resort.
I found it unique, because this lagoon called “Kahidaeng” by Bajo’s people or Pulau Lubang Ikan in Indonesia.

Kahidaeng only able to visit when low tide, the reasons why is because the main entrance will filled up with water when high tide, so that you can’t come in. In fact, there is another main entrance which is 4 meters cliff that you need to climb in by (scary) bamboo stairs. How about me? I choose to bend down through the cave when came in and climb down the cliff when came out.

Don’t asked me, how is the view when you finally came out from the cave, it is BREATHTAKING!

Welcome to the hidden lagoon, Kahidaeng.


As the clouds went dark and the rain started pouring down, we are now heading to Kakaban Island. Kakaban Island is known for a home of the largest sting-less jellyfish lake, and as an Indonesian I am super proud of it.

But before swimming with the sting-less jellyfish, you still need to climb around 300 meter hill up and down by wooden stairs and it’s pretty safe. To ease the tired face, we choose to sing all the way up until we reach the edge of Kakaban Lake.

The main entrance to Kakaban Lake
Those clear water in Kakaban lake is filled with the famous sting-less jellyfish

Here I am, re diving accompanied with the  famous yet cutest underwater creature, sting-less jellyfish! And I am finally touched it.

There are several things you must know before having fun and dancing in the water with the cutest sting-less jellyfish:
1. You’re not allowed to use any sun block lotion, because the chemical reaction might kill the cute sting-less jellyfish
2. You’re also not allowed to use fin, jump from the bridge, and squish the jellyfish.

This easy rules should obey to prevent the sting-less jellyfish exists in Kakaban Island in many years ahead. So say hello to SUN BURNING :’)

Triangle Coral Spot

After meet the sting-less jellyfish, we went to the best diving spot in Triangle Coral not far from Kakaban lake because it only took 10 minutes to go. The triangle coral is well known for its best underwater view and its beautiful coral.

Free diving in triangle coral spot


Sangalaki island is the farthest island among other island (Derawan – Maratua – Kakaban) because you’ll need about 1 hour trip from Kakaban or 2 hours from Derawan. Nonetheless, Sangalaki also has a home for turtle breeding. Sangalaki also have a hostel that cost about Rp. 1.000.000/night.

Local people seems to have a rest time

Turtle breeding and my face getting burned! 

After more than 6 hours went to hoping island, it’s time to get rest, so the next morning we could get up earlier and enjoy the sunrise from this paradise before finally went to Jakarta.

To be continued.....

Sunday, 14 June 2015

Magsukul Derawan, East Kalimantan (Part 1)

Sunday, 14 June 2015

Back to a few years ago when I wrote my traveling resolutions and I choose Derawan as one of my top list traveling destinations. I laugh at myself thinking that this list way too far, I didn't think I can afford to save money and go there. But now, as I looked back and read again that resolutions, I laughed myself once again because I did make that dream came true this years, May 2015.

For this trip I still join "Libur Seru Open Trip" as my backpacker guide to Derawan Island, and for 3D2N Derawan Island trip will cost you:
- Travel package trip Rp. 4.850.000,00 *exclude two ways flight*
- Flight ticketing, I used Lion air morning direct flight (Jakarta - Tarakan - Jakarta) Rp. 1.716.000,00
*I Buy this at the very last time , my bad ;'( *

So here let me take you to the journey


People tend to say when you're about to experiencing something new , you will get the butterflies effect in the stomach and that's exactly what happened to me when my friends, Valdo pick me up at 3.30am in home to Soekarno - Hatta Airport.

After check in and get into the airplane, at exactly 5.30am we flew to East Kalimantan - Tarakan. This is 3 hours flight anyway, so that's why I choose direct flight *now you know why*. After 3 hours long, finally at 8.30am we were arrived in Juwata International Airport - Tarakan, thanks God.

Juwata InternationalAirport, Tarakan - East Kalimantan

But then, why we should stay in airport when we could strolling around in Tarakan while waiting another friends arrived with different flight? Lets go to Bekantan conservation and mangrove park in Gajah Mada street - Tarakan, East Kalimantan.

Bekantan conservation and mangrove park was easy to access, the only thing you should do is take a car transportation (angkot) that will cost you about Rp. 10.000 (Airport - Conservation - Airport), but to get that cheap cost you should go with 7 - 8 friends, the more the merrier right?

This is what it looks like inside the car transportation

After arrived at the conservation, straightly we got warm welcome booth from the conservation guard and staff. But before go into the conservation, you have to buy the ticket that cost you only Rp. 2000 (very cheap right?). So lets get in..

Hi sweet boy :D
Here we are in Bekantan conservation and magrove park

Phone is ringing, that's the reminder we have to go back to Juwata Airport and heading to Tanjung Batu dock immediately. Precisely at 1pm, we are heading to Derawan Island using speed boat for another 3 hours trip in open sea. Lucky us because we pack a lot of snacks on the way there, so none get starving.

Tanjung Batu dock, Tarakan - East Kalimantan.

Eat . Sleep. Laugh. Repeat


After 3 hours sea trip, finally we were arrived in Derawan Island. I didn't know how to explain the beauty of the island, this is truly the hidden jewel on earth and I am super blessing to have a chance went there. After took our meal, we are heading to our cottage "Sari Cottage". You can see our colorful cottage from the picture below.
Sari Cottage in Derawan Island (Taken with my Sony Experia Z3)

To be continued.......

Wednesday, 3 June 2015

The Beauty Of Pahawang Island, Lampung.

Wednesday, 3 June 2015
"Just don't judge a book by its cover" maybe that's the right words to express what I felt that day when I was arrived safely in Lampung on 10th October 2014, and I know this is my late publish trip but I promise you this trip was worth for shared.

As an Indonesian, I never thinking to go to Sumatra Island for a trip and I don't know why. But not until a friend of mine asked me to join the backpacker trip to Pahawang Island with Libur Seru that arranged by Om Teddy Andika. Despite I am not fully recovered from 7 hours jetlag, quickly I said yes and I don't know why (again)!

The day was came, it's time for us to go to Pahawang Island. As the itinerary said, on Friday night we had to gathered around in Slipi Jaya Mall Jakarta to meet up with another people that join the same trip at 7pm. After a short chitchat, we had to catch up a bus that will took us to Merak Harbour for 2 hours.

After a long ride, we were arrived in Merak Harbor but still have to wait for an hours to waiting the ship depature. At exactly 12am, we finally started crossed the Java Island and heading to Bakauheni Harbor - Lampung for 3 hours long. All I can do is resting my body with my bag became my pillow.

Day One

"Tuuuut... Tuuuuut"

The ship's whistle woke me and my friends at 3 am, and here we're in Bakauheni Harbor, Lampung!!! Excited? Not yet, because I have to save my energy for another 3 hours land trip with public transport and finally arrived in small village where our boats was waiting to took us to Pahawang Island.

And here we are in little harbor at Klara Beach at 6am. After breakfast, we're heading to Pahawang Island!! Excited? of course I am, this is HEAVEEEN.

So lucky that our trip in Pahawang Island will be guided by Bapak Kembar, who has million smile, hundred stories to be shared and Lestari that will always be his favorite boat.

"OH MY GOD" that's the word I kept saying for many times when I saw this hidden beauty in Pahawang. Did I forgot to mention where's exactly Pahawang Island is? Pahawang Island is located in Punduh Pidada sub-district, Pesawaran Regency - South Lampung, Indonesia.

Instead of went to homestay first, my friends and I choose to straightly snorkeling because we can't stand to see those clear blue sea that called us since the first time we took a boat cruising the island.
You won't see our 6 hours tired face, because we were too happy to be here in Pahawang Island.

Sunset never been this beautiful 

Day Two

We are still going and not felt tired or whatsoever yet! But forgive me, because I couldn't tell you what's the island name that we are heading to, but I did remember Bapak Kembar took us to 3 spots for hopping islands in day two, after we did 2 hopping island on a day before.

Well, lets took a group selfie first..

They called us "Genk Kuah Sayur" Because we always eat vegies rather than rice  during the trip :P

Many people asked me where this photo was taken, but forgive me (again) I couldn't remember it because I was too excited to do a free dive in this deep blue sea. All I can suggest you is just enjoy things without any distraction, without any phone and without any single post updated in social media! Life just once, so make sure you didn't miss it :)

This beautiful free diving was taken by Raffli through his Gopro

You couldn't said you went to a trip without little accident right? After Raffli took that awesome free diving photos. He was ended up got nose bleeding and those accident was made us scary as hell. After Raffli got rest in our boats, one of our friends asked him what happened, then he told us that he got bad flu over the night and forgot to told us he didn't allowed to take a deep dive.. Oh poor Raffli :(.

So please for those who got bad cough or flu or sickness, do remember this:
Please do not swim too long and don't take deep free diving! Don't risk yourself just because you want to feel the adventure! Healthy and safety come first and the rest can wait.

Raffli and me took selfie to another level in private island Pahawang, Lampung.

Day Three

After all adventures and little accident, we took our last meal in homestay before went back to Jakarta. Before leaving, this is what I suggest you to do: make sure you buy their big - tasty banana snacks that we used to called "Molen". You should tasted their homemade molen that made from Lampung Bananas *Lampung well know for their tasty and delish bananas* and please do buy it more than one, you won't regret it anyway! TRUST ME ON THIS .

So, good bye may not be the best words that could pictured how I felt for 2 days in Pahawang. I refused to said good bye because I knew, I will go back again to this island for sure.

Bapak Kembar took us back to the little harbor in Klara Beach and we begin again the 5 hours  journey back to Jakarta through Bakauheni Harbour. Too tired to sleep in economy class in the ship, we took the VIP class on 2nd floor in the ship and you need extra money for this, because you should pay Rp. 25.000 (USD $2.5).

After arrived in Merak harbour, we took a bus ride to home. Because I lived in central Jakarta, I took Semanggi route with Executive AC bus and it cost about Rp. 50.000 (USD $5). 2D1N trip with liburan seru (the organizer) will cost you about Rp. 500.000 (USD $50).

I have to admit that Lampung had those magical island called Pahawang, you won't regret every single thing that you did there. The hospitality and the kindness of Pahawang's people is really stole my heart. Curious enough to feel the experinces like I did? Feel free to contact:

Facebook: Liburan Seru open trip - Teddy Andika
Instagram: Liburan Seru

See you soon for another trip stories around Indonesia :)

Warmest Regards,

Thursday, 14 May 2015

The Comeback

Thursday, 14 May 2015

Jakarta, 14th May 2015.

It's been 5 year since my last blog in 2010 and that's too long!

Looking back where I was 5 years ago was insane! 5 years ago I was just an usual University students that started 5th semester. Wait, let me think about special things happened that year... Hah! I was became one of the cultural France representative for cultural communication final exam and that was awe(scary)some, then continuing to prepare thesis defense, then did the graduation celebration and heeeeeeell yes I got my communication science degree title back at my name in 2012.

And new phase just begun!


Late 2012, I got job offering from one of the prestige world wide known advertising agencies. Since then many things happen in my life. I can't name it all but I will tell the most remembered one

Dealing with a bunch of new phase of agency life isn't EASY, yes ISN'T EASY peopleeee!
All the fun things, all the free pass access events, and all party thing are just a little gift after what you have done for day - night - day working. Sometimes, I just wonder what if I didn't become an agency kiddo? What I am doing right now?. 

But despite all the silly questions that pop up in my little tiny brain, I always grateful for what I've become right know, even though I know that stingy things always surrounded me (no offense).

Since I was a kid, I've a promise to travel around the world using my own money, soon as I graduated and have a job, I am starting to take the dreams come to life. 

Jogjakarta is my first stop before landed to another beautiful city in Indonesia in 2013, then in the beginning of 2014, I went to Singapore for the first time. Followed in September, I've been blessed to go to Sydney with my best buddies and it's still goes on... Right after Sydney, I went to Pahawang Island - South Lampung and recently in 2015, I went to Derawan Island in North Kalimantan.

I never know that traveling could bring so much feeling and so many new friends, I wish I knew that earlier tho. Promise is a promise, I will continue to travel around Indonesia and continue to say thanks to God for making this incredible place.

Well, I guess that's enough to summarize my long story during the non-active blogging thing. I hope from now on, I have an alert to remind me writing lots of story that probably could inspire you and surprising me continuously.  

Thank you for having me back. Lets Rock On!

Warmest regards,

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